Friday, 22 October 2021

Supporting Digital Literacy and Quality Journalism, Garudafood Gives 100 Account Subscriptions to for Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, 22 October 2021 - Garudafood held the third ceremony where it gave 100 annual subscriptions and held a digital literacy webinar for Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

The account subscriptions were symbolically given by Paulus Tedjosutikno as the Director of Garudafood to Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P.,IPM. Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta accompanied by Sutta Dharmasaputra - Editor in Chief of Kompas and Haryo Damardono - Vice Managing Editor of Kompas.

Through this program, Garudafood hopes to assist lecturers in transferring knowledge to students from credible sources and accurate information or data. Lecturers as educators play a role in developing mature characteristics in students and can motivate and identify potential to develop students’ critical thinking so we will indirectly be able to create skillful future generation and use digital media wisely to obtain benefits for themselves and others.

The event was then followed by a digital literacy webinar with the topic “Abundant Information, Filtering Hoaxes, and Fake News” hosted by Sutta Dharmasaputra (Editor in Chief of Harian Kompas) about the role of the private sector, universities, and the media in using social media more wisely.

Digital literacy refers to the knowledge and skills to use digital media, communication tools, or networks in finding, evaluating, using, creating and utilizing information in a sound, wise, intelligent, careful, accurate, and law-abiding manner to foster communication and interaction in daily life.

Garudafood Supports Quality Journalism is one of Garudafood's CSR programs through collaboration with Kompas.Id by giving 1,000 annual subscriptions to for lecturers or students in 6 universities as well as internal employees of the Garudafood Group. The ceremonial handover of this assistance will be done through 6 webinars, which will be held on a weekly basis in October - November 2021 at each University.