Other Information Disclosure

Other Information Disclosure

This part presents other information disclosure which necessarily acknowledged by public.

Perubahan Kegiatan Usaha (GOOD-SNS)

Changes (Additional) of Business Activitiesof The Company And Controlling Company

Report Information Regarding The Company's Share Buyback Plan 2021

KI - Acquisition or Lost of Material Contract (BC-SNS)

Bod Decree on Amendment of Corporate Secretary

Title Concurrent

Mandatory Tender Offer (GOOD-KEJU)

Announcement of Acquisition

Material Transactions

Other Material Information or Facts Regarding to Syndicated Credit Facilities

Facts Report Civil Lawsuit on Tort

Buyback Of The Issued Shares 2020

Proposed Buyback Of The Issued Shares

Plan for establishing a joint venture

GPPJ TBK - Reporting Application KAP

Information Disclosure about Fire Incidents