Garudafood Sehati

Garudafood is committed to carrying out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which focuses on balancing financial (profit), social (people), and environmental (planet) performance in line with the Company's Vision and Mission.

5 Pillars of Garudafood SEHATI Program

  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Community Empowerment

Meaning of SEHATI

SEHATI means to empathize. 

The word Sehati contains the word "sehat” ("healthy") which means prioritizing health, both physically and spiritually, and the word “hati” ("heart") which means done from the heart (sincerely).

Overall meaning: Garudafood always empathizes with others.

SEHATI Mission

Implementing Garudafood's 'Corporate Philosophy'.

  • Human Values
  • Business Ethics
  • Unity Through Harmony

Establishing a 'knowledge worker' community that can be an 'agent of change' that prioritizes humanitarian values.

Giving a positive contribution to improving the welfare of the greater community through sustainable programs in various aspects (Social, Economy, and Environment).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its establishment more than 28 years ago, Garudafood always strives to become a company that brings change by creating added value for the community based on the principle of mutual development. Garudafood also requires balanced growth by referring to the "Triple Bottom Line" principle which focuses on balancing financial (profit), social (people), and environmental (planet) performance. This concept is achieved through Garudafood Sehati, which is focused on social activities, by conducting social mapping and needs assessment to map the needs and potentials of the surrounding community of Garudafood and its Subsidiaries operational area.

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