Friday, 28 December 2018

Garudafood Sehati Teaches Tolerance Through Stories

Rancaekek, 28 November 2018 - Garudafood Sehati Rancaekek Ambassador collaborated with Kampung Dongeng Indonesia (KaDo) to educate and donate teaching and learning equipment to dozens of children at the Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Education & Social Foundation at the Garudafood factory in Rancaekek, Sumedang-West Java (29/11). The children were educated through "Religious Tolerance" themed stories with the aim of fostering and developing empathy and the meaning of 'diversity' as early as possible. The stories also contained moral messages and examples of tolerant behavior in daily life, such as learning to understand, appreciate and cooperate with others. Kampung Dongeng Indonesia is a social community that carries out storytelling events to make Indonesian children cheerful, intelligent, and have good character.

Effi Harfiana, Human Capital Garudafood Rancaekek, and Undang Suryaman, Founder of the Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Foundation told stories with the marginal children, accompanied by Kampung Dongeng volunteers. In addition to storytelling, Garudafood Sehati also donated teaching and learning equipment to the Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Education & Social Foundation aiming to facilitate children so that they can continue to be enthusiastic about achieving their goals.

'We are very grateful for the help and support are given to these children. They have never had a learning atmosphere like this, this will be a new experience for them. Hopefully, through this activity, they will be motivated to be more enthusiastic in many aspects. This activity surely has a positive impact, especially for children,' said Undang Suryaman, Founder of the Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Foundation.

Undang Suryaman is an inspiring and well-known parking attendant among students at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Faculty of Communication Science. His desire to go to school that was not fulfilled during his childhood prompted him to build a free school because he believed that knowledge was a way to break the chain of poverty. This prompted him to establish Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Kindergarten and TPA Raudatul Jannah in Rancaekek, which currently accommodates 300 children.

'Stories are the most effective method to transfer positive values ​​to children because it is closely related to their world. We are quite 'concerned' with the current phenomenon developing in the community. Therefore, we must instill tolerance and the true meaning of Unity in Diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) from an early age. The goal is to create a generation with good character and morals,' said Effi Harfiana, Human Capital Garudafood Rancaekek. I am also amazed by Unang, he is very inspirational and has a big heart. We can learn a lot from him, to spread kindness and benefits to others, regardless of their background and social status,' he added.

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