Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Garudafood Provides Education about Food Safety for Consumer Protection

Jakarta, 11 April 2018 - The end of 2015 is a new chapter, especially for Indonesia through the Free Trade Agreement with other countries in the international market. The government has opened itself for export-import, hence marketing a product will be easier and cheaper. With this momentum, consumers are required to be more careful in assessing the quality of a product. More specifically, Indonesian consumers are encouraged to familiarize themselves in being familiar with and understanding the type, function, and ingredients of a product.

Garudafood consistently provides education about the Key Factors and Conditions of Safe Food to consumers as early as possible. As a form of concern and to protect consumers, Garudafood Sehati educated elementary school students at Kampung Sawah 02, Ciputat Baru-South Tangerang about Food Safety (11/4). This is in line with Garudafood Sehati's Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program which aims to increase awareness and build consumer knowledge in recognizing food that is safe for consumption, namely meeting the following requirements: free from physical, chemical, and biological contamination and informed Garudafood's commitment to producing products that meet the Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000) and Hygiene Sanitary Certificate or Good Processed Food Production Methods (CPPOB) from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) of the Republic of Indonesia. On the same occasion, Garudafood Sehati also provided tips on food safety which were classified into four categories, namely Recognizing Safe Food, Purchasing Safe Food, Carefully Reading Labels, such as the Distribution Permit Number for Domestically Produced Food/MD, Imported Food Products/ML & Food Home Industry/PIRT and Maintaining Hygiene. The key to being a smart consumer is to carefully and thoroughly choose safe food.

Dian Astriana, Head of Corporate Communication Garudafood said, "This activity is carried out to educate Indonesia's younger generation that choosing safe food is important. This education can increase consumer awareness and knowledge so that they are able to ensure the safety of the food they consume through the habit of maintaining personal hygiene, carefully choosing snacks, and reading product packaging labels before purchasing. All information on packaging labels, especially for all Garudafood products, shows transparency and our efforts to protect loyal Garudafood consumers. Dian also added that by carefully reading the label, including the distribution permit from BPOM, consumers can verify that the product is safe for consumption. Consumers do not need to worry, moreover believe potentially misleading issues circulating in the community. Through this program, we hope consumers can be more careful and smart in choosing and consuming safe food."

The Sahabat Inspirasiku program is a sharing session conducted by Garudafood Sehati volunteers, comprising of staff to the Top Management. This program was provided for elementary school students, vocational high schools, communities, and university students in Indonesia. This is one of Garudafood Sehati's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that focuses on the community empowerment pillar. Garudafood Sehati’s mission is to bring change that benefits the community based on the principle of mutual development. The Garudafood Group continues to carry out CSR, through Garudafood Sehati, by focusing on 5 (five) pillars; education, public health, environment, humanitarian assistance, and community empowerment.