Friday, 09 June 2023

Garudafood Collaborates with 5 Companies to Provide Packaging Waste Dropbox on World Environment Day

Jakarta, 9 June 2023 - Plastic waste is still concerning for the environment. Plastic waste contributes approximately 18.55% of the total waste generated in Indonesia, i.e. reaching 19.45 million tons. Only 3.77% of plastic waste is processed and recycled, while the remaining waste is not managed at all. This can cause environmental pollution of land, water, sea, and even air.

As an effort to address this issue and to commemorate World Environment Day, Garudafood collaborated with Hero Supermarket, Nutrifood, Indofood, Garudafood, Tetra Pak, and Garnier to encourage the public to participate in sorting and recycling waste. This is done by providing Packaging Waste Dropbox in several Hero Supermarket outlets.

Dian Astriana (Head of Corporate Communication & External Relations of Garudafood) said "The Dropbox Packaging Waste Program is one of Garudafood's sustainability strategies to engage the public in increasing understanding and awareness about packaging waste management. Through this program, the community is expected to manage their waste more wisely to reduce the spread of waste to the surrounding environment.”

The type of waste collected at the Packaging Waste Dropbox is valuable inorganic waste, which is divided into three categories, i.e. paper packaging waste, such as duplexes, drink boxes, paper cups, cosmetic boxes, and others; plastic packaging waste, such as plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic tubes, sachets or plastic wrap; as well as glass packaging waste, such as glass bottles, glass jars, and others.

On the same day, a program was also held to educate the public about sustainable lifestyles to reduce the spread of waste as well as share tips on identifying valuable waste so it can be recycled and reused. Nada Arini (Environmental Activist, Digital Creator, and Sustainable Indonesia Co-founder) and Ari Dwi Susanti (Founder of Nyonya Kapiten) were also engaged in an upcycling class for children. In addition, several packaging waste recycled by craftsmen was showcased, such as Ulby Handmade and the Mutiara Bogor Raya Waste Bank.

Nada Arini (Environmental Activist, Digital Creator, and Sustainable Indonesia Co-founder) said "The disaster risks in a location are reflected in the level of environmental damage in the area." Environmental damage may be caused by the accumulated waste that humans cannot fully process. "Integrating 3R practices in our daily lives is the easiest and cheapest way to contribute and conserve the environment around us," she concluded.

The Packaging Waste Dropbox is available at five Hero Supermarket outlets, i.e. Hero Kota Wisata, Hero Emerald Bintaro, Hero Kemang Villa, Hero Pondok Indah Mall, and Hero Kamala Lagoon, and will be available until 31 December 2023.

In your opinion, what other creative attempts that we can do to reduce trash in our environment?