Thursday, 24 October 2019

Garudafood Bandung Entrepreneurial Village Showcases Innovative Processed Recipes

Bandung, 24 October 2019 - Partners of the Garudafood Bandung Entrepreneurship Village program showcased hundreds of variants of their processed recipes at the "Garudafood Processed Recipe Competition for Bandung Entrepreneurial Village 2019" which was held at Aula Daruul Hajj, Ponpes Daarut Tauhiid Bandung, West Java ( 24/10) and attended by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym as the founder of the Yayasan Daarut Tauhiid Peduli and Garudafood representatives, namely Muhammad Yudi as the General Manager of Distribution. This is one of the assessment criteria for the Entrepreneurial Village program for processed products by Garudafood to prepare a menu that is creative, unique, and attractive so it has high selling value.

The collaboration between Garudafood and Yayasan Daarut Tauhiid Peduli through this program invites participants to be creative and innovative in creating processed products and marketing these products.

"After being launched in the middle of this year, we saw the enthusiasm and creativity of housewives in participating in this program. We want to explore their potential and encourage them to be creative while training their entrepreneurship skills. We hope they can become an independent and productive community in the future," said Muhammad Yudi as the General Manager of Distribution at Garudafood.

The Garudafood Entrepreneurial Village Program is one of Garudafood Sehati's CSR programs, focusing on community empowerment aims to identify community potential, open up business opportunities for the community, especially for the housewife community, building entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging a more independent and productive society.

"This program is in line with our concept of not only providing business capital loans but most importantly intensive, systematic and continuous assistance to members to increase human resource quality, in terms of religion, entrepreneurship, marketing, organization, and mental character.", said KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym founder of Yayasan Daarut Tauhid Peduli.

This event was attended by 50 groups from the Padalarang, Mengger, and Rancaekek and produced more than 150 recipes of processed Garudafood products, such as:

  1. Moci Chocolatos Matcha, Chocolatos Kacang, Cibay Chocolatos.
  2. Putu Ayu Chocolatos Drink, Roti Gulung Chocolatos Roll, Bola - Bola Krispy Coklat Lumer.
  3. Lubi - Lubi Chocolatos Coffee, Puding Matcha Chocolatos, Cilok Isi Rosta Pedas.
  4. Mangkok Isi Pilus, Mangkok Chocolatos Coklat, Mangkok Choco Coffee, Bolu Kukus Chocolatos Lumer.

To date, there are a total of 150 partner groups of the Garudafood Sehati Entrepreneurial Village in Jabodetabek, West Java, and East Java.