Tuesday, 22 August 2023

Garudafood Achieves "Anugerah BAPETEN" Award 2023

Yogyakarta, 22 August 2023 – PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk - The Pati Business Unit (BU) won the "Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN) Award 2023" for the category of Nuclear Safety and Security for Non-Destructive Test (Photofluorography). The 2023 BAPETEN Award ceremony was held in a hybrid format on Tuesday, 22 August 2023 at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta.

This event was also attended by the Head of BAPETEN, Ir. Sugeng Sumbarjo, M.Eng., Deputy for Licensing and Inspection of BAPETEN, Ir. Zainal Arifin, M.T., PLH Deputy for Nuclear Safety Studies Dr. Khoirul Huda, M. Eng.

The award was given by Ir. Zainal Arifin, M.T. as the Deputy for Licensing and Inspection of BAPETEN and received by the Pati BU Factory Manager, Toni Mahendra as Garudafood’s representative. This proves that Garudafood always upholds the importance of safety and security in the utilization of nuclear energy in Indonesia.

The 9th BAPETEN Award for 2023 upholds the theme "Nuclear Power Supervision Towards Nuclear Power Plants as an Energy Transition Option Towards Net Zero Emissions". The BAPETEN Award itself has been held regularly every year since 2015. This award is given based on a risk-based assessment system in the form of the Safety and Security Index (IKKN). This year's award recipients are those who have obtained an IKK score above 95.5.