The Chocolatos brand, launched in 2008, is Garudafood’s innovation to produce bigger wafer sticks and denser chocolate cream filling. As of July 2021, the Chocolatos brand had approximately 20 SKUs.

The combination of wafer sticks and chocolate cream gives a unique taste and creates satisfaction in enjoying wafer sticks that are different from other products available in the market. The Chocolatos wafer stick is also available in various flavors, such as Dark Chocolate, Sweet Cheese, and Chocolate Hazelnut. In addition to wafer sticks, Chocolatos has also developed its products under the category of Chocolate and White Chocolate Green Tea Latte powder beverages as a new innovation for chocolate powder drinks. In 2020, Chocolatos launched new product variants, namely Chocolatos Wafer Cream and Chocolatos Chocolate Milk.

The delicious taste of Italian chocolate makes Chocolatos superior. Chocolatos are available in the following variants: Chocolatos Wafer Stick, Chocolatos Wafer Cream, Chocolatos RTS (Ready to Serve) Drink, Chocolatos RTD (Ready to Drink) – in Bottles and Carton Packs, and Chocolatos Milk Chocolate – in Carton Packs.

In addition to the regular products, the Chocolatos Brand also offers seasonal products that are only marketed during the fasting month and near Eid al-Fitr in cans. Chocolatos has been certified halal and SNI as Garudafood's commitment in implementing the Halal Assurance System and SNI consistently and continuing to make continuous improvements throughout its business processes to produce products with the best product quality standards.



Chocolatos Original Wafer Stick

Chocolatos Grande Wafer Stick

Chocolatos Dark Wafer Stick

Chocolatos White Wafer Stick Sweet Cheese

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Vanilla Flavor

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Delight Chocolate

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Delight Vanilla

Chocolatos Dark Family Pack

Chocolatos White Sweet Cheese

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Mini in Pouch

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Mini in Pouch Cheese_new

Chocolatos Wafer Cream Original Single Pack

Chocolatos Wafer Cream Original Single Big Pack

Chocolatos Drink Chocolate Sachet

Chocolatos Drink Chocolate Bag

Chocolatos Drink Matcha Latte Sachet

Chocolatos Drink Chocolate Bottle

Chocolatos Drink Chocolate Tetra

Chocolatos Drink Chocolate Milk - UHT Pack

Chocolatos Wafer Cream - 300 gr

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Dark Chocolate - 190 gr

Chocolatos Wafer Stick Chocolate - 350 gr