Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Appreciation of Garudafood Sehati Gresik Partners

Gresik, 22 January 2019 – Many of community members of Larangan Village who are members of the Entrepreneurial Village program at Garudafood Sehati participated in an appreciation for their achievements and commitments in running the program until December 2018 held at Gresik factory, East Java (22/1). Augustinus Winardi as Head of Factory of Garudafood Gresik and Awan Susila as Head of Manufacturing and Yanti, Village Chief of Desa Larangan, also gave their appreciation in this event.

This program purpose to help identify the potential that exists in society, establish relationships with communities, open business opportunities, instill an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage the creation of a more productive society.

Augustinus Winardi, Head of Factory said ‘We hope this program can have a positive impact on mothers, both in terms of finance and knowledge. In addition, we also hope to gradually grow entrepreneurial character, such as creativity, independence, marketing strategies, calculating risk factors to make financial reports.

The assessment criteria for this program include group benefits, group cohesiveness and complete financial statements. In addition to providing initial capital, Garudafood Sehati provides various types of training such as training in the basics of marketing, product introduction and financial report writing as much as possible. During the competition, GarudaFood Sehati also held a focus group discussion as a means to share experiences and tips that could be used by participants. This program is one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of GarudaFood Sehati which focuses on the pillars of community empowerment.

I thank to Garudafood for facilitating my citizens to be more productive. Through this program, they get additional monthly income to help meet family needs, 'said Yanti, Village Chief of Larangan Village. In the future, I hope this program can be replicated to other villages so that it can help increase the income of mothers in the Gresik area, Yanti added.

Garudafood Sehati has a mission to bring changes that create benefits for the community based on the principle of mutual development. Through Garudafood Sehati, Garudafood Group continues to run CSR with a focus on 5 (five) pillars namely; education, public health, environment, humanitarian assistance and community empowerment.