Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Through Wafer Chocolate Wafer ‘Chocolatos', Garudafood Supports Chocolate Consuming in Indonesia

Jakarta, 17 September 2019 – Mr. Airlangga Hartanto, Minister of Industry Republic of Indonesia together with Mr. Abdul Rochim, The Directorate General of Agro Industry accompanied by Mrs. Dian Astriana, Head of Corporate Communication Garudafood visited Garudafood’s booth after opening “Cocoa and Chocolate Product Exhibition 2019” event at Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia building.

In this moment, Garudafood introduced new various product; Chocolate Wafer 'Chocolatos' which is a new various of wafer cream categorize that is hoped it can be positively accepted by consumers so it can contribute in improving the consume of chocolate for Indonesian people.

In improving various products of chocolate-based biscuit, Garudafood needs chocolate raw materials for about 15.000 tons as per year. Hence, Garudafood did some innovations by collaborating with 3 (three) big partners as suppliers of high quality and international standard chocolate raw materials; such as Barry Callebaut, Cargill and Olam. This collaboration is an open innovation platform strategy in improving and developing biscuit product with high quality chocolate based to give added value to Indonesia consumers.

Together with Garudafood, Barry Callebaut has collaborated in building a plant in Gresik-East Java in 2016 and Rancaekek-West Java in August 2019 which is located in one area of Garudafood plant, with a concept “Plant in Plant”.