Friday, 04 October 2019

The Launching of Gary Saluut Waffle in Surabaya

Jakarta, 4 Oktober 2019 - Garudafood targeted another chance of attractive market in food industry. This time, Garudafood tried in Waffle categorize as the new form of product innovations namely “Gery Saluut Waffle” with Dark Chocolate flavor. The coming of Gery Saluut Wafle is the simple solution of breakfast or on the go breakfast. Hence, Garudafood invited Indonesian’s young people to not miss breakfast. With a simple packaging, Gery Saluut Waffle can be a great choice for breakfast and bring it to school. Other than that, Gery Saluut Waffle is also served as a snack that enjoyed with tea, coffee or milk.

In order to introduce this new product, on 21 September 2019, Gery Saluut Waffle launched in Surabaya, Jawa Timur. It is also attended by Mrs. Mardwiyanti B. Lestari – Brand Manager of Gery Saluut Waffle, Mr. Kamal Johasan – Trade Marketing Manager and Mr. Arief Pujianto- Regional Head SNS, together with plant and SNS employees. The activities on this launching event were “Hang Out & Breakfast with Gery Saluut Waffle and Customer Connection” which was held in several cafes and universities in Surabaya. The aim of this event is to introduce and educate customer about the new variant of Garudafood and also product sampling to consumer to get direcly insight and input from them.

Success always to Gery Saluut Waffle!