Friday, 28 February 2020

The "Kampung Wirausaha Garudafood" program takes aim at hundreds of women in West Java

Kick-off & Launching program symbolically held at Garut Regency Islamic School Building (25/2) and IM Futsal Building Banjaran - South Bandung, West Java (26/2) and attended by Regional Heads (RH) from each region, Regional Sales Promotion (RSP), Branch Head (BH) and Representatives from Daarut Tauhiid (DT) Cares.

The program was filled with Welcoming sessions, Program Socialization sessions, Training on How to Post on Social Media delivered by Garudafood Sehati volunteers, Salesmanship Training delivered by RSP and BH interacting directly with the participants, also enlivened by giving product & doorprize sampling to participants, Question session Answer and end with a group photo.

Through this program, Garudafood Sehati helps to be able to identify the potential that exists in the community, open up business opportunities for the community especially for housewives, instill an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage the creation of a more productive society. During the program, participants will be guided to become accustomed to having creative and innovative mindsets in terms of creating, marketing processed creations and Garudafood products so that they can become independent entrepreneurs who always produce creative business ideas.

In addition, Garudafood Sehati also provides training in developing soft skills in the form of salesmanship, product knowledge, writing financial reports, social media literacy as a means for promotion and focus group discussions as a means for sharing experiences and tips that can be used by participants.