Monday, 03 December 2018

The Digital Strategy of Garudafood Towards Industry 4.0

December 3rd, 2018 - The Government has launched the Making Indonesia 4.0 Roadmap to prepared to enter the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Based on Making Indonesia 4.0, there are five manufacturing sectors that will be made pioneers, one of which is the food and beverage industry. The concept of industry 4.0 itself carries integration in all lines and is supported by current information technology, so as to increase organizational productivity. PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (GOOD) as one of the food and beverage companies continues to make improvements and innovations to further strengthen the digital-based information technology and communication system as one way to reach industry 4.0.

Found in the sidelines of the "Information System for the Enterprise" seminar held at Binus University, the faculty of the Sutra-Tangerang Natural Information System (3/12), Johanes Hartanto, Head of Corporate Information Technology, Garudafood explained about "Digital Supply Chain" integrated from end to end process so that it is right target and able to answer consumer needs as one of Garudafood's strategies towards industry 4.0.

"We continue to improve and prepare information technology that is integrated in all lines of the digital-based Garudafood business process, that is controls using mobile or smartphone. This business process model aims to accelerate business processes and support organizational productivity. In addition, we also conduct partnering which we usually call the IT Managed Service with the aim of getting the best quality information technology services at Garudafood, 'said Johanes Hartanto, Head of Corporate Information Technology at GarudaFood"

Planning, development and application of Garudafood's Information Technology (Strategic IT) was initiated by implementing standart of work procedure and controls that were in accordance with the business needs of Garudafood.

The application of this information technology system aims to improve supervision, control, work efficiency and transparent and accurate reporting to management. Through the application of this information technology, Garudafood can have a strong foundation in anticipating the dynamics of market changes.