Wednesday, 13 December 2023

Indonesia Best Brand Award 2023, Garudafood Wins 5 Awards

Jakarta, 13 December 2023 – PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (Garudafood) won five awards at the 2023 Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA). Dian Astriana, Head of Corporate Communication and External Relations Garudafood, and Linda Fitriesti, Corporate Communication Head of Garudafood, represented Garudafood in receiving the IBBA 2023 award from Kemal E. Gani, as Group Chief Editor of SWA Media and Radhi Hersemiaji Kartowisastro, as CEO of MARS Digital Indonesia. IBBA 2023 was held offline at Ballroom C, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta (13/12).

IBBA 2023 is an award for the best brands in Indonesia that have successfully built and maintained a good reputation in the Indonesian market, organized by SWA Media Group.

The theme of IBBA 2023 is "Navigating Multiple Challenges to Become Best Brand: Lessons Learnt from the Champion". This theme was chosen because the business sector is currently facing various challenges, such as the post-COVID-19 pandemic, global inflation, to climate change. These challenges require brands to be more creative and innovative to maintain their position in the market.

Based on this year's MARS survey, Garudafood won five categories with the following details:

  • Branded Nuts Category – Garuda with platinum predicate
  • Pilus Category – Pilus Garuda with platinum predicate
  • Chocolate Coated Wafer Category – Gery Salut with IBBA predicate
  • Wafer Stick Category – Gery Chocolatos with platinum predicate
  • Chocolate Powder Drink Category – Chocolatos with platinum predicate

The IBBA 2023 survey was conducted on more than 5,000 respondents with several indexes, namely Top of Mind Advertising, Top of Mind Brand, Brand Share, Satisfaction, and Gain Index to find the best brands from various product categories.