Tuesday, 08 January 2019

Healing Garudafood Sehati Trauma Action for Tsunami Victims in the Sunda Strait of Banten

Banten, January 8th, 2019 – End of 2018, Indonesia was once again hit by the Sunda Strait Tsunami which claimed hundreds of lives and tens of thousands of damaged homes and even destroyed by this disaster. Seeing these conditions, Garudafood Sehati volunteers collaborated with the Kampung Dongeng Indonesia (KaDo) to greet the children of the victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami in the form of a trauma healing tale and the help of thousands of Garudafood and Suntory food products at Teluk 01 SDN, Banten, West Java (1/8) .

Garudafood Sehati focuses on psychological therapy of children, given the enormous impact of the aftermath of the disaster for the growth of especially psychological and socio-emotional in children. This activity can motivate children to not be afraid, return cheerful and remain vigilant when disasters come. As well as expected, the recovery process can run smoothly so that children can return to their original activities.

Garudafood currently produces and sells food and beverage products under five of its leading brands, namely Gery, Garuda, Chocolatos, Leo and Clevo. These products include biscuits, peanuts, pilus, chips, confectionery, milk drinks and chocolate powder. Garudafood currently has export sales to more than 20 countries with a focus on ASEAN countries, China and India.