Thursday, 01 October 2020

Garudafood’s Official Clarification

Jakarta, 1 October 2020

In response to the news about LiMa Garuda Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP LiMa Garuda), we hereby confirm that PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (Garudafood) is not related and does not have any affiliation or business relationship with KSP LiMa Garuda. Therefore, all legal proceedings until the Commercial Court decision have been issued shall not be the responsibility of Garudafood.

Garudafood is a publicly listed company that is very transparent and discloses all information for the public, hence all activities, transactions, or actions carried out by Garudafood, will be informed to the public through its website

In line with the announcements in national newspapers previously reported by Garudafood, we urge the public to be CAREFUL and BE AWARE of any indication or mode of scams on behalf of and/or associated with Garudafood.

Once again, we would like to remind you, if there are activities, transactions, and other actions on behalf of and/or associated with Garudafood and such information is not provided on our website, please immediately confirm with Garudafood via the email [email protected] or telephone number 021- 72897777, on Monday-Friday between 09.00-17.00 WIB.


PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk