Monday, 04 March 2019

Garudafood wins 6 2018 IBBA Awards

Saturday (12/22) at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. Marketing partners received 6 (six) 2018 Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) awards given by SWA Magazine and MARS Research Institute. This award is a form of appreciation for brands that have gone global and strive to make themselves the Most Valuable Brand.

6 Brands that receive the IBBA award are:

1. Branded Bean Category: Garuda & (Triple Platinum Predicate)
2. Chocolate Coating & Wafers Category: Gery (Golden)
3. Pilus Category: Pilus Garuda & (Double Platinum Predicate)
4. Category Wafer Stick: & Chocolatos & (Double Platinum Predicate)
5. Categories & Roasted Peanuts: Rosta & Garuda (IBBA Predicate)
6. Categories & Chocolate Powder Drinks: Chocolatos & (IBBA Predicate)

Besides Garudafood, SGB also received 2 awards for the brand:

1. Categories of Race Fruit Tea Drinks: Mountea & (Platinum Predicate)
2. Jelly Beverage Category Taste: Okky Jelly Drink (Platinum Predicate)

For information, an additional predicate is given to Brands that receive awards more than 10 years in a row:

1. Triple Platinum: at least 15 consecutive years
2. Double Platinum: at least 10 times in a row
3. This year there is also the addition of a new category,they are the category of Chocolate Powder Drinks received by Chocolatos.

To determine the summons, a brand survey was conducted & held in several major cities in the country with a period of three months. With the multistage random sampling method, the survey was conducted on more than 10 thousand respondents to find out the best brands from various product categories.

The importance of BRAND is increasingly being recognized by Indonesian players, so that if 21 years ago were rampant in the domestic market, global brands and local brands were only regional players, there are now many local brands that have dominated the national market. just being a domestic player is not enough because it means running a strategy of surviving amidst the onslaught of global brands that will take advantage of the 255 million population opportunities in Indonesia. The best strategy is to proactively open up global markets.