Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Garudafood Unit Rancaekek Spread Goodness in the month of Ramadan

Rancaekek, May 22nd, 2019 - Ramadan is the best moment to spread kindness and share with others. The nature of sharing with others is a very noble character, because it is loaded with the meaning of solidarity that is strong towards human actualization in carrying out its religion while inspiring awareness that in fact we need interaction with others in all aspects of life. Sharing activities is one way to bond human relations.

Related to this, PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk held a sharing activity for dozens of orphans at the Rancaekek factory, Sumedang, West Java (22/5). In addition to providing compensation, they are also given education on 'Food Safety' which is packaged in the form of a creative fairy tale.

"We routinely share this activity every week during the month of Ramadan by inviting orphans from various regions. In addition to providing compensation, we also want to provide useful information to them, one of which is Food Safety. Through storytelling, we hope that they can easily understand and apply in their daily lives, for example adab washing hands before eating, carefully reading labels on product packaging, carefully before consuming food and so on, 'said Felly Linawati, Head of Garudafood Rancaekek Factory. on the sidelines of the event. "Through this activity, we also hope to strengthen the relationship between our employees and also make this a momentum to improve ourselves to become better human beings. In addition, this activity is in line with the culture of GarudaFood to always be grateful & serve others "

This activity ended with a visit to the production process of Clevo, one of the Garudafood products in the milk beverage category. They are invited to see the process of receiving raw materials, quality control, pasteurization, packaging until the product reaches the consumers