Saturday, 20 July 2019

Garudafood Holds Brainstorming with a Coaching Approach to Development Partners

Jakarta, 20th July 2019 - In order to improve the effectiveness of the Garudafood Village Entrepreneurial program, PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (GOOD) held a Brainstorming with a Coaching approach to dozens of fostered partners at the Garudafood Headquarters, Jakarta on Saturday, July 20, 2019. The Garudafood Entrepreneurship Program is one of the the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of GarudaFood Sehati which focuses on the pillar of community empowerment with the main target being housewives. The purpose is to help identify the potential that exists in society, establish relationships with communities, open business opportunities, instill an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage the creation of a more productive society.

The event which was attended by Andika Rajasa (Head of People Development of PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk) and Budi Suaka Wiwaha (Region Head of PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk) was a means to share experiences and tips that could be used by participants, understand sales management and accommodate the aspirations of the target partner groups, accommodating the needs of the group to be better and 'digging' solutions to the problems that exist when running the program so that the program can run effectively and have a positive impact on beneficiaries.

Andika Rajasa, Head of People Development at PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk said on the sidelines of the activity "This program is an opportunity for mothers to increase their income, through the entrepreneurial spirit that we spread. We provide various types of soft skills and hard skills training as their provision. We also carry out various improvements in our internal systems so that we can do better monitoring. And at this time, we are inviting Professional Coach to help these mothers maximize their performance, and move forward from where they are now, and design changes to reach the level they want. “

"We are very happy and helped by this program, because we feel heard and accustomed to thinking of finding the best solution to every problem we face. Perseverance, tenacity and creativity are my focus now, not only focusing on sales, "said Ratna, one of the participants in the Garudafood Entrepreneurial Village program.

Garudafood hopes that in the future all fostered partners can be independent in groups and individuals, of course this is a joint challenge to realize this because Garudafood's CSR focus emphasizes program independence and can continue to be sustainable.