Thursday, 23 February 2023

Garudafood Attends the Talk Show 'Exploring the Trends of Ramadan 2022, Preparing Business Actors in Welcoming Ramadan 2023’

Jakarta, 23 February 2023 - Ferry Haryanto, Marketing Director of Garudafood attended as a speaker together with Edwin Chayadi, Vice President of Marketing Solutions Tokopedia, and Vincent Saputra, Chief Operating Officer of Kintakun in the Tokopedia Talkshow 'Exploring the Trends of Ramadan 2022, Preparing Business Actors in Welcoming Ramadan 2023 by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions' on Thursday (23/2/2023) in Jakarta.

According to Tokopedia's internal data, during Ramadan 2022, people still chose e-commerce to shop for Ramadan needs and will start looking for and shopping for Ramadan one month beforehand. The highest number of searches and purchases occurred between the first to third weeks of Ramadan, or when the Eid Mubarak Allowance (THR) was given to employees.

Economic conditions and situations have become increasingly conducive. In addition, the recovery of community activities and mobility, in line with the revocation of the social restriction policy, has also contributed to the increasing demand for goods by the public. This was evident last year, Garudafood successfully increased its revenue up to 179% through the Tokopedia platform.

'For Ramadan 2023, we are aiming for a 50% increase from last year's achievement for sales of Ramadan hampers. We hope that sales of Ramadan hamper this year will increase Garudafood transactions by up to 15 to 20 times compared to regular months," said Ferry Haryanto, Marketing Director of Garudafood, during a Tokopedia media briefing in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, on Thursday (23/2/2023).

Garudafood plans to prepare seven types of Ramadan hampers with various benefits for this year. The average selling price of hampers ranges between IDR 30,000 to IDR 100,000. Ferry revealed that the best-selling hampers are usually hampers with a selling price of under IDR 75,000.