Garuda is the first brand of GarudaFood for peanut and roasted peanut , and pilus product. On 30th June 2018, Garuda brand has around 46 SKUs.

The Garuda brand is the first brand of GarudaFood for peanut and coated nut products, and the pilus.

Garuda peanuts, made from selected ground nuts, are crunchy and crunchy and the contents are dense. Various studies have shown that peanuts contain various important nutrients that are good for health, even the content of unsaturated fatty acids in them can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, peanut skin flavors also contain lots of protein, magnesium, vitamin E and other minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Without preservatives, without coloring agents and without cooking oil makes Garuda's healthy peanut skin consumed when and by anyone. Garuda peanuts also created innovation by launching onion-flavored peanut skin and biga peanut shells, which are skin beans containing three seeds produced from selected peanuts.

Coated peanuts, made from selected bean seeds that are processed with a modern and hygienic production process with a type of process either fried, sprinkled and / or baked. The variants of Garuda's coated peanut products currently include atomic beans, egg nuts and baked beans.

Pilus, made from small round tapioca flour sprinkled with various kinds of flavors such as roast beef, cheese, shredded, spicy, mixed and seaweed. Pilus is a traditional Indonesian food. The latest innovation from the Pilus product is the Pilus with the taste sensation of fried noodles. Current Garuda pilus variants include the original pilus, mixed pilus, seaweed pilus, pilus abon, spicy pilus, roast beef pilus and fried noodles pilus.

Garuda Ting-Ting

Garuda Kacang Atom Rasa Bawang

Garuda Kacang Panggang Rosta Rasa Bawang

Garuda Kacang Panggang Rosta Rasa Wagyu Beef

Garuda Kacang Panggang Rosta Rasa Pedas

Garuda Kacang Atom Rasa Original

Garuda Kacang Atom Rasa Pedas

Garuda Kacang Kulit Original

Garuda Kacang Telur

Garuda Kacang Kulit Biga

Garuda Kacang Kulit Rasa Bawang

Pilus Garuda Rasa Original

Pilus Garuda Rasa Abon

Pilus Garuda Rasa Sapi Panggang

Pilus Garuda Rasa Pedas

Pilus Garuda Rasa Rumput Laut

Pilus Garuda Rasa Mie Goreng