Friday, 16 March 2018

Finalists Clevo Indonesia visit Milk Factory Clevo

Event of Clevo Indonesia is Clevo's annual agenda as a form of consistency in providing facility to accommodate the talent of Indonesian children

Rancaekek, March 16th, 2018 - Finalists from Jagoan Clevo Indonesia (JCI) had the opportunity to see first hand the process of producing Clevo milk drinks located in Rancaekek, West Java (16/3). Clevo, one of Garudafood's milk beverage products has consistently held the JCI Program since 2010 until now, as a forum to facilitate the development of children who have more than one talent and intelligence (Multiple Intelligences) and have strong character. This 6th JCI audition has been held since the beginning of 2017 in 11 major cities in Indonesia, namely Bali & Lombok, Makassar, Palembang, Manado, Banjarmasin, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bandung and Jakarta. Of the thousands of participants who auditioned, 31 participants aged 6 - 11 years were selected as finalists representing their respective regions and then the best 5 will be selected at the talent show as General Champion, Runner Up 1 Champion, Runner Up 2, Gifted Champion, Champion Friendship and Favorite Champion.

Multiple Intelligences (MI) is a theory proposed by a developmental psychologist from Harvard, Howard Gardner, in 1983. The theory states that humans have several types of "intelligence". Intelligence is not a single trait that can be measured and given a number, there are 8 MIs according to Gardner:

  1. Verbal-linguistics (relating to words, oral or written)
  2. Logical-mathematical (relating to numbers and logic)
  3. Visual-spatial (relating to images and space)
  4. Physical kinesthetic (relating to muscle coordination, movement and doing things)
  5. Musical (related to hearing)
  6. Interpersonal (relating to interactions with others)
  7. Intrapersonalactia (relating to yourself)
  8. Naturalist (related to nature)

‘We believe that every child is smart and intelligent with different unique intelligence potential. Therefore we encourage parents and children to identify and sharpen their potential and talents, balanced with the formation of strong character. The 2018 Clevo Indonesia champion is one form of Clevo's commitment to the growth and development of Indonesian children's character from an early age, 'said Narto Sunarno, Marketing Manager of Garudafood. ‘The entire process they live in this event is life learning and will be their most valuable experience.

On this occasion, the finalists of JCI were invited to look at the process of Clevo milk production, which is produced hygienically and guaranteed quality through a series of processes ranging from the receipt of milk coming from farmers, layered Quality Control processes, pasteurization processes, packaging to consumers' hands . Processed with UHT (ultra high temperature) and packaged in aseptic packaging, using 6 protective layers that will keep the milk in an airtight and impermeable condition so that it is free from exposure to germs and protected from light, water vapor and oxygen which can damage milk. This technology makes CLEVO last for 12 months even without preservatives and without having to be stored in the refrigerator, as long as the packaging has not been opened. In addition to seeing the production process, the participants were also educated about the benefits of milk and at the same time taught the habit of drinking milk from an early age.

JCI 2018 provides a variety of attractive prizes for the winners with a total prize of hundreds of millions of rupiah, namely in the form of cash, tour packages to Hong Kong Disneyland, and scholarships at the Global Seoul School for 3 (three) years.

Clevo is a packaged milk beverage product from Garudafood Group, a leading Indonesian food and beverage industry company. Clevo contains 6 Vitamins (A, D, B1, B2, B6 and B12), 5 minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, high in Calcium and Choline). Clevo is available in 3 (three) sizes of 125 ml consisting of the preferred choice of children, namely Chocolate, Strawberry and White Chocolate, 100 ml packaging with a choice of fruit flavors (tutty fruity), strawberry splash and orange punch and 200 ml packaging consisting of chocolate flavor and stawberry flavor. Clevo's advantage over other liquid milk is the higher content of choline, where it is useful as a neo-trasmitter compound for the development of brain cells and is useful to help improve children's memory. Clevo milk is available in supermarkets, minimarkets and shops around the housing.