Monday, 04 March 2019

Beware of Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud on behalf of Garudafood is recurring. In this scam, several job seekers were emailed or contacted by individuals claiming to be working for Garudafood, offering them jobs and inviting them to take part in the recruitment process. The fraud usually charges various expenses and administrative costs. This kind of correspondence is fraudulent and does NOT come from Garudafood or Garudafood's recruitment partners.

This is a sophisticated, long-standing fraud carried out by criminal groups. This fraud has affected job seekers who are seeking jobs from many reputable companies.

Garudafood has never requested payment to job seekers at any stage of the recruitment process, never appointed a travel agency, representative, or certain individual to place an order or receive payment in any form on behalf of Garudafood, whether for land, sea, or air transportation. during the recruitment process.

The following steps shall ensure that you do not become a victim of recruitment fraud:

  1. Do not respond to unsolicited offers from strangers
  2. Do not disclose personal or financial information to strangers
  3. Check for grammatical or spelling errors in the document as this is often a warning sign of fraud
  4. Be wary of employers or agents using webmail email addresses, such as @Yahoo @Hotmail @Gmail or
  5. Hover over the email address to check the sender’s data
  6. If you are requested to pay for anything by a recruiter, contact the local police as this is most likely a scam.
  7. All Garudafood recruitment is done through the official website

The selection process is communicated through our official email address using the domain “”