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26 Mar 2019

Arus Baru Ekonomi Indonesia (ABEI) Award


This is a community economic partnership program that involves the government, private companies, academicians, agencies/institutions such as Islamic boarding schools, through mentoring and facilitation, from the MUI Sharia Business Incubation Center (PINBAS). MUI gave the 2019 Arus Baru Ekonomi Indonesia (ABEI) Award for the category of Community Economic Partner Company to Garudafood.

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09 Mar 2019



This award is an appreciation for brands that have expanded globally and strive to make themselves The Most Valuable Brand.


The 6 brands that received the IBBA award are:

  1. Branded Nuts Category: Garuda (Triple Platinum)
  2. Chocolate Coated Wafer Category: Gery (Golden)
  3. Pilus Category: Pilus Garuda (Double Platinum)
  4. Wafer Stick Category: Chocolatos (Double Platinum)
  5. Roasted Nuts Category: Garuda Rosta (IBBA)
  6. Chocolate Powder Beverage Category: Chocolatos (IBBA)
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17 Jan 2019

SNI Award 2018


Garudafood received 2 GOLD awards for its factories in Gresik & Rancaekek. The company is considered to be the best and most consistent in implementing the Indonesian National Standards (SNI), corporate social responsibility (CSR), and has excellent performance.

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