Friday, 23 July 2021

Always Caring for Others, Garudafood and Entrepreneurs (Pengusaha Peduli NKRI) Raise Donations

Jakarta, 23 July 2021. PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk and the businessmen, under the auspices of the Indonesian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN Indonesia), showed support in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, naming their initiative as Pengusaha Peduli NKRI by collaborating with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation.

The symbolic aid distribution was carried out on Friday (23/7/2021) at the Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation by the company's leadership to the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arsjad Rasjid. This event was also attended by Dian Astriana, Head of Corporate Communication & Relations of Garudafood as a representative of Garudafood.

The donations were allocated to provide assistance, i.e. 35,000 tons of rice for 7 million households, oxygen concentrators, activation of vaccine centers, and distribution of medicines that are still difficult to obtain for the COVID-19 patients
. From Tzu Chi Center, North Jakarta, said G. Sulistiyanto, who is a candidate Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. Sulistiyanto hopes that the donation amount will gradually increase so more people can be assisted. This support shows the stance of business actors in the 'War Against the Pandemic'. He hopes that the assistance will not only strengthen the community's resilience in the face of the pandemic but also inspire other companies to participate.