Wednesday, 19 December 2018

After Lombok, Garudafood Will Give Thauma Healing Therapy to the Palu Earthquake Victims

December 19-21 2018 - An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 SR has rocked Palu and Donggala on September 28, 2018, at 18.02 WITA. The natural disasters that occurred during the 3-7 minutes were followed by a 5 M tsunami that hit the west coast of Central Sulawesi. Thousands of people were victims of this disaster and until now the affected communities still occupy refugee camps due to totally damaged houses.

Seeing this situation, GarudaFood Sehati together with the Palu SNS team represented by Mr. Muhammad Amin (Branch Head of Palu-Sulawesi 2) and Mr. Rudi Salahuddin (ASP Garudafood) collaborated with the Indonesian Fairy Tale Village (KaDo) to carry out the "Trauma Healing Palu 2018" on December 19-21, 2018, at several points of the evacuation post in the city of Palu. The purpose of this activity is to help restore the psychological condition of the community, especially to children affected by the earthquake and tsunami. This activity is packaged in the form of stories delivered through children's fables, singing, and playing skills.

This activity is one form of corporate responsibility towards the community, Garudafood Sehati hopes that this activity can reduce prolonged trauma for children victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster so that they can return to cheerful and active activities.

The 10 points visited were:

  1. Jl Thamrin Post
  2.  Petobo Integrated Camp
  3. Madani Golf / GOR Field Posts
  4.  Posko Baiya, Tawaeli
  5. Layana Integrated Camp (Incense)
  6. Displacement in the Great Mosque
  7. Evacuation in Duyu
  8. Balaroa Integrated Camp
  9.  Tipo 1 post
  10. Gawalise Tipo post